Week of the Golden Goose Fairy Tale (part 1)

Posted on December 12, 2011


This week we are considering the Grimm Brothers’ Fairy Tale, The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs. This Fairy Tale describes what happens when an impatient farmer wants more Golden Eggs more rapidly and consequently splits open his Goose to find them. Of course, none are to be found. So, after eating the Goose, he is left, as expected, with nothing to chew on but his pride and imprudence. (from Eating the rich)

We’re living that very same Fairy Tale in the United States today. We are dangerously close to killing our Golden Geese and carelessly impoverishing ourselves for decades to come.

Comparing America’s fiscal policy with the Golden Goose Fairy Tale highlights the ridiculous and shameful thinking (if one were to go so far as to call it “thinking”) about the issues of wealth and poverty in the United States. Ever since the heady days of the Great Depression, when FDR gave birth to his Perfect Storm of Big Government Programs, (which, all told, extended the Depression by 7 years), one group of Congresspersons after another has allowed itself to believe that Government intervention into the economy is a good idea. FDR went so far as to call such schemes the “Second Bill of Rights.”

One wonders whether the Left could have so easily infested and overrun our country were Americans not distracted, at the time, by a two-front War with Germany and Japan. Moreover, one wonders if it could be true (likely not, but one wonders) that Roosevelt was cunning enough, even before the days of Bill Clinton, to act upon the tactic Rahm Emanuel has so cleverly described as “Never let a crisis go to waste.” In particular one wonders whether there was a political calculation involved in Roosevelt’s alleged decision to ignore reports of Japan’s naval presence near Hawaii, at least long enough to permit the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Certainly, that particular crisis, in addition to the multiple crises of the War that followed, served FDR handsomely in his relentless efforts to mutate the United States from its Constitutionally mandated federal structure to the All-Powerful Central Government structure the Founders clearly intended it NOT be.

Regardless of any initial volition on his part, however, World War II nevertheless permitted FDR to pull and tear at the Constitution so effectively that the United States of 1945 was scarcely related in any way to the United States the Greatest Generation had left behind in 1940 when they marched off to war. “Look ma, no hands!” FDR’s palace coup succeeded almost effortlessly. Who could oppose him?

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