More than half of Santa Ana staff earned $100k last year

Posted on September 1, 2011


With the city of Santa Ana facing a massive budget shortfall — and with 77 percent of its general-fund spending going to police and fire protection — it seems like a good time to look at who’s being paid how much among city employees.

Earlier this year, the city provided us with a spreadsheet of its 2010 payroll, showing employee name, job title, department, base pay, benefit pay (including pension contribution), overtime pay, premium pay and (adding them all up) total compensation for each of 1,478 employees.

There are a lot of things you can do with an Excel spreadsheet, and one of them is sort. First, I sorted on total compensation. This revealed that 16 city employees earned total compensation worth more than $200,000 in calendar-year 2010. These included then-City Manager Dave Ream, Police Chief (and now interim city manager) Paul Walters, then-Deputy City Manager for Development Services Cindy Nelson, then-City Attorney Joseph Fletcher, and Senior Plan Check Engineer Shih-Chiang Chung. The other 11 who earned more than $200,000 were all with the police and fire departments.

Not all of these employees are identified in the spreadsheet by their names. For example, a police sergeant who earned $228,795.45 (including $80,066.66 in overtime), making him or her the fourth most highly compensated city employee, is identified as “Officer #17.”

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